Feat 1st Fridays

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Thank you to everyone who has been riding their bike or scooter, or walking to school so far this term. Throughout Autumn we are encouraging the children to travel to school in an active way every Friday. The class that makes the most active journeys to school will be rewarded with a chance to make their own pedal powered smoothie! Well done to last term’s winners who will be receiving their winning walks and rides over the next two months. Keep up the active travel!

A Tea Party and a Dragon in Nursery!

September 19, 2014 in Featured, News, Nursery, Nursery

Nursery have quickly settled back into school and we are very pleased to welcome the children that are new to our classes! We have had a busy first few weeks back at school, including making some delicious chocolate crispy cakes in response to the children’s interest in tea parties. We looked at how the chocolate melted and changed when heated, and the children tasted different types of fruit which they added to their cakes. We also looked at a china teapot and worked out how many cups of tea it can hold.


Thank you to one of our Morning Nursery children and her Mum who brought their bearded dragon into school for us to look at last week. We found out a lot of interesting things about George, the dragon!

The children have also explored creating prints using paint and a whole range of objects, including cars, building blocks and their own hands. Look at how much fun we had!


Greenside Grabs a Greek!

September 18, 2014 in Activities, Featured, Year 4 Sycamore

Sycamore Class started this term with a special guest visitor in the form of ‘That History Bloke’ Richard Stevenson who came to deliver a morning of activities themes around ancient Greece.

Greek history bloke pics 003

Richard arrived in full Greek regalia and brought with him a fascinating array of Greek relics and artefacts. The children were given the opportunity to study the artefacts and ask questions as well as join in games and activities from Ancient Greece. Children dressed up in Greek clothing and some children had the opportunity to wear replica Greek armour which they thoroughly enjoyed.

Greek history bloke pics 012

Greek history bloke pics 027

One of the children’s favourite parts of the day was when they got to use swords and shields to form a phalanx (A Greek battle formation) and learned how the army would work together to defend and attack.

Greek history bloke pics 019Greek history bloke pics 021

The children created some beautiful pieces of art and writing from the day which will be displayed in their classroom for all to admire. They designed Greek pots, wrote their names in Ancient Greek and even wrote secret messages in the same way that the Greeks would have done.


During English this term, sycamore children have been learning all about Greek myths and have enjoyed hearing all of the traditional tales, but also, creating their own Greek myths and in particular mythical beasts.

Greek history bloke pics 014

Measuring Fun with Years 1 and 2

September 4, 2014 in Featured, News, Our Classes 2014-2015, Year 1/2 Ash, Year 1/2 Elm, Year 2 Beech

Years 1 and 2 have had a great start to their new school year. This week in mathematics they have been working with their teachers, Miss Millman, Mr Bullerwell and Mrs Mckay, to investigate different ways of measuring. They have had great fun measuring with different parts of their bodies, using string and cubes and some children have even been learning about centimetres and metres. We hope you enjoy the photos.

Picture 005    Picture 003 Picture 015        

Egyptian Embalmer Visits Year 4

July 4, 2014 in Activities, Featured, News, Year 3/4 - Rowan and Sycamore

This term year 4 have been studying the Egyptians and their ancient customs. As part of their learning, we invited an Ancient Egyptian Embalmer - ‘That History Bloke’ Richard Stevenson – into our class to shed some light on some of the more gruesome customs the Egyptians took part in!



Amongst other activities, children experienced dressing up as Pharaohs…..


Mummifying a body ….





Looking at artefacts….


And reciting prayers to the ancient gods.


Richard really bought history to life for the class and children have followed up his visit with some fantastic writing and have even been calculating using Egyptian numerals.



Violin Recital

July 4, 2014 in Activities, News, Year 3/4 - Rowan and Sycamore, Year 5/6 - Oak

On Friday July 4th children in year 3,4 and 5 took part in a violin recital to show off their hard work this year. Children played a mixture of songs , some of which allowed for a sing-a-long and dance form the crowd. Parents and children who attended the performance enjoyed dancing to the ‘Hokey Cokey’ and marching to ‘The Grand Old Duke of York’. Some children, who have dedicated their spare time to practising, even performed a solo and a duet. The performance showed how much progress the children have made, some of whom have only been playing for one year, and gave parents the opportunity to hear and see them perform as a class. The recital was even broadcast live to a group of fundraising parents who are bravely climbing Ben Nevis to raise money for the school.


Violin lessons are offered as part of the music curriculum in year 3 and 4. Year 4 children are able to take violins home each week in order to practice and are offered the opportunity to progress further in year 5 and 6 through individual and small group lessons.

Mr. Grinling arrives at Greenside

June 6, 2014 in Activities, Featured, School Events, Year 1 - Elm

On Thursday 5th June Mr. Grinling from the series of lighthouse keeper books, came to see the children in Year 1 at Greenside Primary School. There was much excitement and all of the children were amazed and surprised when Mr. Grinling appeared at the classroom door just after playtime carrying his kayak and still dripping wet from his journey to school!


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Lumbar Jills R US!

May 20, 2014 in News

On Tuesday 20th May, Sycamore class took part in a class trip to Chopwell Woods to take part in a workshop on the Lumbar Jills. The class were excited to learn exciting new facts about the women who worked in the woods and sawmills during the war.

Thanks to Groundworks, the charity who funded the workshop, children were able to experience measuring the trees ready to fell, estimating how many pit props and telegraph poles they could make from each tree and working out which way would be best for the tree to fall.

Sycamore Class didn’t even stop for a lunch break! During lunch, children looked at rationing books and charts and used them to compare their lunch today to the lunch they would have had as a Lumbar Jill. “It makes you realise how lucky we are today to just be able to go into the fridge and help ourselves.” observed one child.

The children also had fun climbing in and out of the willow tunnel adjacent to the outdoor classroom and trying on some of the uniform the Lumbar Jills would have worn. They are all ooking forward to writing a newspaper report on the Lumbar Jills later this week… watch this space to see their writing published on screen!

Zoo Lab

May 20, 2014 in Activities, Featured, News, Reception, Year 2 - Beech, Year 3/4 - Rowan and Sycamore

Everyone had an exciting afternoon when Zoo Lab visited school. The children were given the opportunity to get up close to and even hold some amazing creatures including; a Giant African Snail, a Chilean Rose Tarantula, a Madagascan Hissing Cockroach, a Corn Snake and a pair of rats.

 The children had great fun learning about these animals and asking questions to find out even more information. Everything they learnt was then used in their literacy lessons to help them write reports on the different creatures.



Nature Walk

May 20, 2014 in Activities, Featured, News, Year 2 - Beech, Year 3/4 - Rowan and Sycamore, Year 5/6 - Oak

Years 2, 4 and 5 had a great time going on a nature walk last week as part of their science curriculum.

They enjoyed walking to the top of Rockwood Hill Road and then into the fields and down to the plantain. Key Stage 1 were hunting for bugs and animals and finding out about the habitat these different creatures lived in. Key Stage 2 were investigating different types of plants and collecting examples to bring back to school.  

 We hope you enjoy the photos.




School Council visit to the Mayor’s Parlour

May 15, 2014 in News, School Council, Year 2 - Beech, Year 3/4 - Rowan and Sycamore, Year 5/6 - Oak

School Council received an invite from Councillor Graham, the Mayor of Gateshead, to visit the Mayor’s Parlour and Council Chamber at Gateshead Civic Centre.  What an amazing afternoon they had!

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Wallace and Gromit “Wrong Trouser” Day!

May 8, 2014 in School Council, School Events

School Council will be holding a charity event for Wallace and Gromit  “Wrong Trouser Day” in June.  Money raised will go to support the charity which helps sick children in hospitals and hospices across the UK.

Keep your eye on the school newsletter for further details.

You can also learn more about the event and the charity by visiting the following web link: